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The Malta experience

“The great thing is to try and travel with the eyes of the spirit wide open, and not too much factual information. To tune in, without reverence, idly - but with real inward attention. You can extract the essence of a place once you know how.”


“Ever since I entered this city, the city entered into me, there is no room inside me for anything else.”

Italo Calvino

“I don‘t know how long I’ve been wandering through this city; I no longer know who I was when I entered its walls”

Italo Calvino

“They crossed the shining open spaces and came to an array of streets. The houses, buildings…….. were all majestic, and all of stone, but it was of a stone that seemed in a permanent state of dreaming. As he passed them he felt that one day he would understand their dreams.”

Ben Okri

“Architecture is a sort of oratory of power by means of forms”


“The old house, for those who know how to listen, is a sort of geometry of echoes.”

Gaston Bachelard

“It occurred to him that the city was composed of songs, and that the stones were singing. It occurred to him that...the yellow order of it all, and the violet perfection of the streets had been erected, put in place, and shaped purely by music, and by spirit”

Ben Okri

“But overcome space, and all we have left is here. Overcome time, and all we are left is now. And in the middle of here and now, don ‘t you think that we might see each other once or twice?”

Richard Bach


“It is not necessary to return to a place, in the flesh. The place is in us… unforgettably.”


“What the statues teach … is a line of conduct: you must stay motionless and let space circulate around you; if you situate yourself properly in space, time will no longer have a hold on you, the hourglass will remain suspended.”

Italo Calvino


“Memory of travel is the stuff of our fairest dreams”

Camillo Sitte


“Our dreams are our only real life”

Federico Fellini

St Julians

“The shadow of white light….. is black.”

Louis I. Kahn

“It is more important to feel a place, than to see it.”

Jorge Luis Borges

“Only by looking backward can we have the vaguest notion of where we have been…”

Stanley Tigerman

Malta I was dreaming about you…..

Post dedicated to Stella and Savroula with whom our dreams come true...

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Quotes source: Richard England, "Gozo Island of oblivion"

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