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"Pieces", Jessie Ware

"A reason to live, reason to love
You gave me them both and more yet,
A reason to fall, and a reason to hide
Suddenly all I'm left with

I was so sure this was real, but
Now I'm sure of nothing at all..."


Out of Stock
  • Handcrafted leather belt with metal carved buckle and braid cuts.

    Color: black

    Width: 4 cm

    *Wear it low waisted and high waisted

  • Χειροποίητη δερμάτινη ζώνη με μεταλλική αγκράφα και κόψιμο τύπου πλεξούδα.

    Χρώμα: μαύρο

    Φάρδος: 4 εκατοστά

    *Φοριέται ψηλόμεσα και χαμηλόμεσα

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