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"BREATHLESS", Dan Wilson

"But you were always pretty reckless

with your love
Come with the sun and get it restless

when it's gone
And when you go you'll leave me

breathless and alone

You leave me breathless,

when you close the door
It feels just like you took the air

out of the room with you"


Out of Stock
  • Handcrafted adjustable leather belt with metal details.

    Color: black, beige

    Width: 4cm


  • Χειροποίητη δερμάτινη ζώνη με μεταλλικό κούμπωμα και δυνατότητα αυξομείωσης.

    Χρώμα: μαύρο, μπέζ

    Φάρδος: 4 εκατοστά


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