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An Individual girl @katekavakloglou

Updated: May 2, 2020

Katerina Kavakloglou is a content creator and loves photography! She is definitely one of the most stylish ambassadors that we have collaborated! We love the perfection of her photos and her minimalist style!

When, a year ago, we contacted her she has a small amount of followers, compared to this year number which is almost 16.000, but we never thought about it... we were so sure about her talent and her aesthetic and Katerina proved that we were right!

Recently, Katerina traveled in Mykonos and strolled around the island wearing her "Bird set free" Individual handcrafted shoulder bag! We couldn’t choose just 1-3 photos for social media so we decided to dedicate this post to these beautiful shots!

Thank you Katerina it’s always our pleasure!

Katerina's instagram profile @katekavakloglou

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